How We Work

Babcock manages critically important assets that help to bring power to our homes and businesses, keep trains running safely, ensure mobile phone networks stay operational and help our armed forces defend national interests.

Managing asset portfolios of this scale and complexity requires modern technical skills, a thorough knowledge of the operating environment and the flexibility to meet changing needs. Which is why, when selecting a service partner who can be trusted to deliver, Babcock is chosen again and again.

Our approach is a straightforward one:

  • Understand what our stakeholders want - our customers, our investors and our people.
  • Keep their interests in balance.
  • Decide upon a clear strategy.
  • Select the right people to implement it.
  • Set achievable targets.
  • Delegate responsibility to the people dealing with customers on a daily basis.

The way we do business is central to the fulfillment of our long-term Group strategy.

We believe that this strategy will be best achieved by applying the following principles to our business activity:

  • Maintaining a customer-focused organisation with a strong partnering culture.
  • Growing a balanced portfolio of businesses that are positioned within the top three in their marketplace.
  • Winning long-term contracts with critical asset and infrastructure owners, primarily government bodies and blue chip companies.
  • Delivering year-on-year growth and shareholder returns in line with our expectations.
  • Balancing risk and reward.
  • Maintaining an excellent safety record.

This strategy has been the foundation of Babcock's success over the years and will continue to serve us well for the future.

View our contract case studies to find out more about how we approach our customers complex needs and provide affordable solutions.

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