Our Commitment to Governance

Health and safety, employee and customer risks are identified and integrated into our risk management system overseen by the Audit and Risk Committee on behalf of the Board. Where a risk is identified, the divisional Chief Executives take responsibility for mitigation steps, bringing in the experience of relevant operational teams within the business where required.

For profiles of our Board and Executive Committee please see the Board members.


We have confidential 'whistleblower' hotlines provided by independent third parties who promptly report messages received via the service to central Group senior management. Callers can remain anonymous if they wish. The hotlines are intended for use by employees to report concerns that they feel unable to raise with line management (or, where they have raised matters, but they are not satisfied with the response) about financial irregularities, health and safety, environmental harm or failure to comply with legal obligations. Every new employee who joins Babcock is made aware of the existence of the hotlines as part of their induction; details of the hotlines are advertised at operating sites. The acquisition of VT was used as an opportunity to refresh communication about the hotlines in July 2010 when all employees across the Group received an information pack describing the newly enlarged Group and reminding them of the hotlines.

Ethical conduct

We are committed to the highest ethical standards and operate a strict ethical policy, which divisional Chief Executives are responsible for implementing and reporting on annually. The policy covers and provides guidance on areas such as conflict of interest; unlawful and unethical acts; avoiding bribery and corruption; the use of commercial or marketing agents (especially in overseas territories); and giving and receiving gifts and hospitality. Procedures across the Group have been reviewed in light of the Bribery Act.

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