Internships and Sponsorships

If you want to find out if Babcock is right for you, we may offer undergraduate work experience as follows:

Summer Internship Programme
These are 10-12 week placements over the summer holiday. They are designed to give you an opportunity to try out a particular profession or type of role to see if it's something you might want to do once you graduate.

Summer placements opportunities, when available, are advertised on our website.  Click here and select Internship / Gap Year for details.

Year-Long and 6 Month Internships and Sponsorship
In some of parts of our business we may be able to offer both 12 month and 6 month internships, normally an implicit part of a degree course.

At the end of your internship, you'll be asked to write a report and give a presentation on your placement. Your performance will also be formally reviewed.

If we believe that you have the potential to join our graduate scheme, we would normally sponsor you for the last year of your degree.

Internships / Gap year opportunities, when available, are advertised on our website.  Click here and select Internship / Gap Year for details.