Emergency Services

Babcock is one of the largest providers of support services to the emergency services sector. We manage vehicles, equipment and facilities and deliver specialist training which helps the emergency services' concentrate on their core roles. 

Babcock is trusted to deliver by government departments and local authorities. We provide value for money solutions via a proven approach that enables us to optimise assets and increase availability, whilst also providing a complete and resilient service.

Emergency services are vital to the well-being of society and we work collaboratively with the customers who deliver them, sharing their risks and planning for our mutual success. In this way we reduce the cost of ownership for our customers and allow them to focus on delivering front-line services.

Key Activities:  

  • Fleet Management
    We deliver all aspects of fleet management, including maintenance, short-term rental, repair, collision repair , breakdown and recovery. We can guarantee asset availability to meet our customers' day-to-day operational requirements at a lower cost over the lifetime of a contract.


  • Asset Management
    Babcock manages key assets, such as facilities and equipment, for the emergency services, civil contingency and resilience sectors, including maintenance and logistics support. Our bespoke solutions meet customer needs and can range from supporting customer-owned assets to a full capability provision. Through availability-based contracting, our customers are able to transfer the risk and cost associated with owning and managing assets and facilities, whilst maintaining the availability levels demanded by front-line personnel.


  • Training
    Babcock is the largest private sector provider of vocational training in the UK. For Fire and Rescue services and industrial Fire Brigades and departments, we deliver custom-built training facilities, specialist training and support. We have designed, financed and built, and are now operating, two innovative training centres. Providing the most up-to-date training in fire, rescue, management, health and safety, these unique facilities are also available to commercial organisations:

    • Severn Park Fire and Training Centre, Bristol

    • Cardiff Gate Training and Development Centre, Cardiff


Key Customers:
England and Wales Fire & Rescue Service - Babcock has designed and now operates two bespoke training centres working with the Fire Authorities. Since 2003 we have supported the delivery of 150,000 days of training each year.

Firebuy Ltd, on behalf of the Department of Communities and Local Government - We manage the New Dimension fleet of 650 emergency vehicles and equipment which carry over 175,000 items used throughout England and Wales for civil contingency and resilience.

Highways Agency - We supply, manage and support a fleet of more than 200 specialist Traffic Officer patrol vehicles which are crucial to keeping traffic moving and ensure safety on the country's main arterial routes.

Metropolitan Police Service  - We maintain and service over 3,700 vehicles in greater London, providing a guaranteed level of availability on a fleet which travels more than 72 million miles a year.

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