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  • Babcock to deliver further Phalanx systems

    Babcock to deliver further Phalanx systems

    Date: 16 Dec 2014

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  • Babcock awarded contract for Carrier engineering support

    Babcock awarded contract for Carrier engineering support

    Date: 16 Dec 2014

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  • Half year results for six months ended 30 September 2014

    Half year results for six months ended 30 September 2014

    Date: 20 Nov 2014

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  • Babcock selected as preferred bidder for the acquisition of Defence Support Group

    Babcock selected as preferred bidder for the acquisition of Defence Support Group

    Date: 19 Nov 2014

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Recent News

Date Title
07/11/2014 Babcock Workplace Skills & Guidance business wins Welsh training award
14/10/2014 Babcock Successfully Re-Certifies for Carbon Trust Standard
13/10/2014 Babcock Wins Training Quality Award
13/10/2014 Babcock begins work on HMS Montrose
10/10/2014 Surrey County Council extends education partnership with Babcock
01/10/2014 Signature of the Maritime Support Delivery Framework
26/09/2014 Babcock begins Ramsey support period
25/09/2014 Babcock joins forces with St John Ambulance
25/09/2014 Babcock completes design for Jangbogo-III submarine WHS
11/09/2014 MoD IdAM is ‘Best Identity and Access Management Project’
10/09/2014 Babcock wins equipment contract for British military
01/09/2014 Contract Signature - Magnox and RSRL PBO
07/08/2014 Cantabria renews emergency service contract with INAER
06/08/2014 Babcock starts work under small boat fleet support contract
04/08/2014 Babcock announces contract award for Defence College of Technical Training
29/07/2014 Board Changes
28/07/2014 Babcock successfully trials new approach in fleet time support
21/07/2014 Interim Management Statement
05/07/2014 Unique all-gas-turbine propulsion system for M/Y Alamshar
24/06/2014 Babcock commences design work for Type 26 AWHS
19/06/2014 Babcock wins Weapon Handling & Launch System support contract
18/06/2014 Babcock and LFB welcome Boris to Beckton
13/06/2014 Babcock delivers Bangor
19/05/2014 Full Year Results for year ended 31 March 2014
19/05/2014 Babcock-built Irish naval vessel named and commissioned
01/04/2014 Babcock named preferred bidder for London Fire Brigade fleet management contract
31/03/2014 Cavendish Fluor Partnership selected as preferred bidder for Magnox/RSRL competition
17/03/2014 Babcock Rosyth completes oil and gas support vessel contract
03/03/2014 Babcock completes largest ever RAMP, on HMS Torbay
24/02/2014 Royal Navy's New Aircraft Carrier to be Named by the Queen
14/02/2014 Babcock's Skills and Learning business clinches skills accolade in ‘Best of British Engineering’ Awards
12/02/2014 Babcock, in joint venture, appointed to Network Rail’s £2bn National Electrification Programme
11/02/2014 Interim Management Statement
07/02/2014 Pembroke leaves for sea trials, on-time, in-budget
06/02/2014 Babcock International Group aquires Oman-based National Training Institute
04/02/2014 Babcock begins docking period for HMS Monmouth
08/01/2014 Babcock successfully completes first-of-class MSC installation
17/12/2013 Acquisition of Context Information Security
17/12/2013 Babcock starts Bangor support period
12/12/2013 Babcock International Group acquires Skills2Learn
06/12/2013 New Board Appointment
25/11/2013 Babcock Nails Top Industry Awards
24/11/2013 Statement regarding Avincis
22/11/2013 Babcock starts HMS Sutherland upgrade and maintenace programme
18/11/2013 Babcock to provide Type 23 CESM
13/11/2013 Babcock awarded gun support contract extension
11/11/2013 Half Year Results for six months ended 30 September 2013
04/11/2013 Babcock wins further submarine communications buoy contract
22/10/2013 New contract wins for Defence and Security's Babcock Support Services Germany business
21/10/2013 Babcock starts HMS Scott refit
03/10/2013 Babcock awarded SSE design contract
27/09/2013 Capital markets seminar and update on trading
24/09/2013 Babcock to provide equipment for final three Astute class submarines
18/09/2013 Babcock Flagship delivers crew training package for Brazilian Navy
18/09/2013 Babcock contracted to address obsolescence in external comms system on T-class subs
18/09/2013 Babcock starts work on HMS Trenchant
17/09/2013 Babcock Joint Venture, ALC, introduces the JAMES system...improving management of the MoD’s C vehicle fleet
17/09/2013 Babcock secures £14.3 million for additional injected projects
17/09/2013 Two million man hours RIDDOR free
07/08/2013 Key milestone in major upkeep programme, as HMS Ocean undocks
05/08/2013 Babcock awarded SA-8 system modernisation contract
31/07/2013 Babcock marks key milestone as HMS Ocean undocks
22/07/2013 High flying RAF professional wins major Babcock scholarship at Exeter University
19/07/2013 Babcock’s novel floating LiDAR system deployed for trials
11/07/2013 Interim Management Statement
09/07/2013 Building Excellence in Training
09/07/2013 Fire & Rescue Minister visit
24/06/2013 Babcock starts work on Pembroke
21/06/2013 Dorian/Seacor vessels to benefit from novel reliquefaction enhancement
18/06/2013 Babcock awarded £50m fleet management contract with Aggregate Industries
06/06/2013 Babcock delivers Penzance with enhanced capability
03/06/2013 New MBR system to be installed on HMS Ocean
21/05/2013 Last of 27 Tamar class lifeboats delivered by Babcock on-time
20/05/2013 Babcock builds innovative floating met monitoring system for offshore wind developers
14/05/2013 Preliminary Results for year ended 31 March 2013
07/05/2013 Babcock wins Scott through-life support contract
30/04/2013 Babcock delivers final waste system component for UK’s new aircraft carriers
29/04/2013 Babcock life rafts contract achieves final milestone
23/04/2013 Babcock team wins UKCeB Excellence Award
03/04/2013 Pre-Close Trading Statement
25/03/2013 British Airways ground support and Heathrow Airport Ltd preferred bidder announcement
18/03/2013 Babcock awarded maritime constructive equipment contract
15/03/2013 Babcock marks high point in aircraft carrier assembly
01/02/2013 Babcock contracted to provide Astute 6 & 7 weapons handling and launch system
31/01/2013 Interim Management Statement
28/01/2013 HMS Vengeance first of class to receive new electrical power conversion system
14/01/2013 Somerset leaves Devon
14/01/2013 Babcock awarded subsea structures contract for BP
02/01/2013 Platform for the Future
02/01/2013 Acquisition of LGE Process
17/12/2012 Babcock Scoops Two More Major Awards for Hospitality Training
17/12/2012 Two Awards for Elior Customer Service eXperience!
14/12/2012 Babcock delivers Type 23 frigate on-time, in-budget
13/12/2012 Babcock to undertake massive upkeep programme on HMS Ocean
11/12/2012 Transforming Warship Support
03/12/2012 Babcock delivers first Sandown class under COM Phase 2
26/11/2012 Major Award for Babcock’s Training Business
23/11/2012 Babcock to develop weapons handling and launch system
19/11/2012 Babcock to fit first new RC&I system update, in HMS Vengeance
16/11/2012 Babcock awarded timely contract
13/11/2012 Babcock awarded fleet management contract with the UK’s largest Fire and Rescue Service
06/11/2012 Half Year Results for six months ended 30 September 2012
25/10/2012 Babcock E&T Achieves Investors in Diversity Status
25/10/2012 Hospitality Apprentice Provider of the Year 2012
17/10/2012 Babcock wins prestigious MOD sustainability award
14/10/2012 Statement Concerning Sunday Times Story
12/10/2012 Gold Standard
02/10/2012 Pre-Close Trading Statement
28/09/2012 Top of the Class
27/09/2012 Babcock to continue supporting Falkland Islands communications system under Resident Engineers contract
20/09/2012 Milestone achieved in major submarine maintenance period
17/09/2012 ALCAMiE - innovation in global fleet management
17/09/2012 Babcock to provide maritime enterprise-wide IKM service to support coherence and collaboration
14/08/2012 Babcock starts work on minehunter, leading Sandown class COM
07/08/2012 Babcock delivers S-80 weapons handling equipment
02/08/2012 Landing craft support delivers increased availability
11/07/2012 Completion of the Sale of VT Services Inc
10/07/2012 Babcock announces new contract with West Yorkshire Police Authority
05/07/2012 Interim Management Statement July 2012
04/07/2012 Babcock starts second assembly cycle on UK’s new QE Class
04/07/2012 Babcock announced as Network Rail's Supplier of the Year
29/06/2012 Babcock completes 4.5 inch Mk8 Mod1 gun upgrade programme
20/06/2012 Babcock prepares Ocean for Olympics
18/06/2012 Babcock wins compressors contract for ships and submarines
06/06/2012 Young Apprentice Achieves Senior Success
06/06/2012 Engineering Support Services Giants Secure Anzac Ship Maintenance Contract
05/06/2012 Babcock and Target Cranes Merger
29/05/2012 Babcock mobilises offshore vessel for Shell in North Sea
28/05/2012 Babcock celebrates success in the RoSPA Awards 2012
28/05/2012 Babcock team wins Submarine Communications Buoy contract
22/05/2012 Babcock awarded contract for Successor submarine design role
15/05/2012 Full Year Results for year ended 31 March 2012
14/05/2012 Disposal of VT Services Inc
02/05/2012 Babcock starts on HMS Somerset refit
23/04/2012 Babcock updates Eddystone CESM system
10/04/2012 Babcock delivers Diamond Jubilee
27/03/2012 Pre-Close Trading Statement
26/03/2012 Babcock awarded contract for three year submarine refit
08/03/2012 Babcock wins ropes and technical services contract
07/03/2012 John Deere Graduation
07/03/2012 First BAE Admin Apprentice Graduates
02/03/2012 Australian Anzac Support Contract Win
29/02/2012 Progressive Alliance awarded Sellafield Design Services Alliance contract
23/02/2012 End in sight for Vigilant
20/02/2012 Babcock and SEA team up for Submarine Communications Buoy Project
16/02/2012 Babcock introduces new HF communications qualification
09/02/2012 Babcock awarded £100m fleet management contract with Lafarge
02/02/2012 Ernst & Young select Babcock as strategic partner
02/02/2012 Babcock’s Western Australia operation is moving to new accomodation
01/02/2012 Babcock tests Air Warfare Destroyer (AWD) torpedo launcher
31/01/2012 Interim Management Statement
31/01/2012 Babcock awarded SEA1000 Australian future submarine study contract
31/01/2012 Babcock outlines UK defence industry perspective and relevance
12/01/2012 Babcock wins contract with BBC World Service
12/01/2012 Babcock clinches £125 million deal with Devon Council
11/01/2012 Babcock awarded National Grid contract extension
19/12/2011 Babcock to upgrade Type 23 frigate
08/12/2011 Babcock awarded fire management contract
07/12/2011 Duke of York unveils apprentice honours board
07/12/2011 Babcock completes largest fleet time maintenance period
25/11/2011 London Fire Brigade chooses Babcock to deliver biggest changes to firefighting training for 130 years
16/11/2011 Babcock’s Astute Class weapons handling and launch system discharges Tomahawk missiles
14/11/2011 Babcock delivers upgraded Type 23 frigate
08/11/2011 Half year results
02/11/2011 Babcock completes first refit of UK Border Agency vessel
17/10/2011 Babcock completes Type 23 refit on-time, in-budget
14/10/2011 Babcock to upgrade HMS Richmond
07/10/2011 HMS Torbay to gain improved communications and stealth
06/10/2011 Babcock4S awarded national accreditation
03/10/2011 Babcock wins award for partnership with Network Rail
03/10/2011 Babcock finalist for two major Education awards
03/10/2011 Babcock joins the guides
28/09/2011 Pre-Closing Trading Statement Sept 2011
27/09/2011 Nuclear waste management contract secured
23/09/2011 Shoreham leaves Rosyth on-time, on-budget
22/09/2011 Award of £67mn decommissioning contract at Trawsfynydd
20/09/2011 QE Class aircraft carrier assembly starts at Rosyth
01/09/2011 QHotels Chef Academy Graduations 2011
01/08/2011 Babcock scores high in WSMI partnering agreement with MoD
01/08/2011 Planning milestone achieved with Vengeance
01/08/2011 Babcock starts work on HMAS Rankin FCD
12/07/2011 Ambush trials weapons handling and launch system
05/07/2011 Babcock awarded significant FM contract amendment
29/06/2011 Goliath crane commissioned
21/06/2011 First of class Phalanx 1B installation in Type 45 HMS Daring
20/06/2011 Latest Astute class weapons systems ordered
17/06/2011 Babcock and Bechtel win high priority Sellafield contract
16/06/2011 Vigilant afloat
03/06/2011 Babcock Completes Illustrious Refit
27/05/2011 Defence Infrastructure Organisation awards Babcock £170 million extension to Regional Prime Contract South West
20/05/2011 Babcock named 'Emergency Services Supplier of the Year'
02/05/2011 Babcock starts work on Royal Navy's newest minehunter
18/04/2011 Appointment of new non-executive director
14/04/2011 Babcock strikes gold with prestigious safety award
25/03/2011 Terms of Business Agreement with MoD signed
14/03/2011 Northumberland to receive significant upgrades and improvements
07/03/2011 Babcock secures environmental monitoring contract
04/03/2011 QEC aircraft carrier build - Goliath crane arrives at Rosyth
25/02/2011 Bulwark returns to fleet on-time, in-budget
14/02/2011 Babcock AWD torpedo launcher contract
11/02/2011 Babcock wins facilities management contract in Germany
28/01/2011 VT Group Awarded U.S. Navy SPAWAR Global Installation Contract
27/01/2011 Babcock wins critical BAA baggage handling contract
25/01/2011 Interim Management Statement
14/01/2011 FATed moles mark milestone for aircraft carrier weapons handling
20/12/2010 Babcock structures for significant Pacific region expansion
08/12/2010 Babcock delivers latest RNLI lifeboat
02/12/2010 Major upgrades for HMS Kent
01/12/2010 Planning for Vengeance
22/11/2010 Vigilant LOP(R) achieves major milestone
11/11/2010 Babcock makes significant new investment in pensions office
10/11/2010 Half Year results to 30 September 2009
05/11/2010 Blyth leaves Rosyth on-time and in-budget
29/10/2010 Oto Melara and Babcock agreement
27/10/2010 Naval Base listens and responds
22/10/2010 Babcock joins the Green Box
06/10/2010 Electronic communications centre opens at Devonport
30/09/2010 Queen Elizabeth Class waste management system reaches key milestone
17/09/2010 First submarine refit starts under Canada's VISSC contract on HMCS Chicoutimi
13/09/2010 Oldest Type 23 frigate sails on-time, on-budget
13/09/2010 Energy-saving initiatives deliver £335K savings at Devonport
23/08/2010 Babcock wins university research technology contract
11/08/2010 Babcock wins aerial delivery system contract
26/07/2010 Novel approach to submarine support to improve availability and reduce cost
22/07/2010 Babcock introduces Green Passport service
09/06/2010 Poll result for EGM approving VT acquisition
09/04/2010 New Board Appointments
30/03/2010 Pre-Close Trading Statement
02/03/2010 HMS Vigilant contract award
02/02/2010 Interim Management Statement Feb 2010
30/09/2009 Pre-Close Trading Statement
18/09/2009 Acquisition of UKAEA Ltd
21/07/2009 Terms of Business Agreement with Ministry of Defence
09/07/2009 Interim Management Statement July 2009
29/06/2009 Pension Liabilities Cap
08/06/2009 Annual Financial Report 2008
12/05/2009 Unaudited preliminary results for year ended 31 March 2009
21/04/2009 55 million contract for 'Jackal' vehicles
31/03/2009 Pre-close Trading Statement March 2009
03/02/2009 Interim Management Statement Feb 2009
01/01/2009 Poll result for the 2009 AGM